Flies Retail

All flies are tied on Daiichi hooks. Streamers are available in sizes #4-10. Nymphs are available in sizes #8-18. Dry Flies are available in sizes #8-16.

When placing order please specify size, color, and quantity. 


Streamers $4.00 Each

Bait Fish Streamer
Clouser Minnow
Clouser Minnow
Clouser Minnow
Mantuka Leach Streamer
Sparkle Bugger
White Slumpbuster
Bright Olive Slumpbuster
Bead Head Slumpbuster
Dark Olive Slumpbuster
Hot Mess Bugger
Bunny Streamer
CGM Streamer (come get me)

Nymphs $3.00 Each

CDC Blowtorch
KMB Nymph (kiss my butt)
Peeking Caddis
Steelhead Nymph
Steelhead Nymph
Steelhead Nymph
Steelhead Nymph
Hares Ear Nymph
Olive Baetis Nymph
Prince Nymph
Nemec Stone
Dirty Mop
Dirty Mop
Unknown Nymph
Jig Bugger
Walts Worm
Squirrel PTN
Micro Bugger

Dry Flies $3.00 Each

The Usual
Gaddard Caddis
Griffiths Gnat
Mayfly Cripple
Split Wing Light Cahill Parachute
Hares Ear Parachute
Adams Parachute
Adams Irresistible
Sparkle Dun
Light Cahill Parachute
Hot Spot Beatle
Chubby Chernobyl

To place your order please email: reeldriftflyfishing@gmail.com

Orders over $100 receive free shipping.